Venturing Peer To Peer Recruitment Toolbox

The National Venturing Cabinet is proud to announce, and introduce, the Venturing Peer To Peer Recruitment Toolbox! Click on the links below to view or download the Attached PDFs of the Toolkit. These packets are availible for free in print through the National Office by ordering bin item #523-501.

Venturing Recruitment Guide

Venturing Fast Facts

Life is an Adventure Poster

Are you ready for this?

What did you do last weekend?

Have you ever…

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2014-2015 Venturing President: Aaron Parks-Young

Aaron Parks-Young
Aaron Parks-Young is an Eagle Scout, Arrowmen, Silver Award Recipient, and Sea Scout from Circle Ten Council, based in Dallas, Texas. Aaron has been involved in Scouting since he was a Webelos, joined a crew at the age of 14, and went on to help found his own crew. Since joining Venturing, Aaron has served on the staff of the 2013 Jamboree at the Bechtel Summit as a guide for the Big Zip, served as staff for National Youth Leadership Training (various positions), and has served as staff for the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (various positions) at Philmont. Aaron also has served as the Southern Region’s Area 2 Venturing President, an interim Venturing President for Circle Ten Council, as a National Venturing Vice President, and as his crew’s president.

Aaron’s picture of success for Southern Region Venturing for the 2014-2015 term includes improving communication for Venturing throughout the region, working to create an environment conducive to cooperation amongst councils and areas within the region, ensuring that Southern Region Venturing publications and media outlets are up to date and accurate, and meeting program needs for Venturing at a region level.

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Official Resignation

1496655_764864430191558_508416666_nHello Southern Region. This is Joey Andrus, your now former Southern Region Venturing President. I’m stepping back and resigning, because I feel that in my current situation, I cannot provide the absolute best service as president to the Southern Region, which it very much deserves. Venturing is the most incredible program I have ever been a part of, and I want to ensure that it continues being the program I’ve come to love. I know that the new president will do this, and that he will take the position with a running start. I know that this will be a smooth transition for all of us, and that this year is going to be the best Southern Region has had for Venturing. So with a bittersweet goodbye, I step down.

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Website Changes and Updates

SRHello all!

Welcome to the Southern Region Venturing website! We are working on updating this so it become a better tool for all of you to use. If you have any suggestions for this you want to see this website do, click the “Contact Us” tab and send us a message! We will keep all suggestions in mind as we construct a better instrument for your Venturing needs.

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New SRV President Announced

I am pleased to announce that Joe Andrus has been selected to serve as the 2014-2015 Southern Region Venturing President. Joe is from the Occoneechee Council and is currently serving as a SR Area 7 Venturing Vice-President of Administration.

His full biography will be available RIGHT HERE soon, so be sure to check it out!

Please join me in congratulating Joe as we await the exciting beginning of his term on June 1st!

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Trees For The World!

Hey Venturers and Sea Scouts! Rachel Eddowes (SR VP Admin) here!

How cool would it be to take part and contribute to an international Messengers of Peace project? Well guess what? SI SE PUEDE! (YES YOU CAN!)

On April 26th, Earth Day, scouts from all around the world will be planting trees in order to help the environment. This is something your Crew, Ship and/or VOA can organize.

Here’s what to do:
1) ‘Like’ the Trees for the World Facebook page:
2) Check out this packet of information:

It’s that easy! Once the project is completed you simply let Trees for the World know how many scouts were involved in your extension of the project.

For More information contact Rachel Eddowes at “”

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The Venturer Holiday edition 2013!

Hey Guys! I’m proud to announce a new edition of The Southern Region Newsletter! “The Venturer”
Loaded with tons of cool and useful information! Go check it out!

Holiday edition! 2013


Southern Region VP of Communications

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Area 4 is Hosting an Area-Wide Powder Horn!

Hey all!

Southern Region Area 4 will be hosting a cluster Powder Horn in St
Augustine FL. the Nations Oldest City. This event will be HISTORICAL
(pun intended) and is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

I have added the URL for the event and the registration button should
be added no later than Jan 15 but more like a week or 2 from now. This
event will be in October of 2014 and all are welcome to come and have

Powder Horn is for all Scouting and Venturing adult leaders and youth
leaders age 13 and older. This program is designed to give you ideas
and help you make your adventures more interesting and fun.

Jeff Lewis
Southern Region Area 4 Powder Horn Coordinator

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Peer To Peer Webinars!

Hey Southern Region! Josh here with a little blurb from your Southern Region President Maddie Culwell:

Peer-to-Peer Recruitment is the most ideal form of Venturing Recruitment. The Venturing Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Packets can be found at Along with these packets, the National Venturing Cabinet is hosting webinars to give more information about these packets and to give the opportunity for anyone to ask any questions they have directly to the Cabinet. These webinars are only going through October 17th though, so sign-up for one while you still can! The webinar dates and times can be found in the calendar on this website and at the link to sign-up for them, which is

You heard it here first folks! Go sign up and Go southern Region!


-Josh Tull

Southern Region Vice President of Communications President


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Hey Southern Region!

How many of you are on Twitter? Even if you aren’t on the Social Media Network, you can choose to follow us by Email including updates, event info, and updates of this website. Follow us at or @SRVenturing_BSA

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Boy Scouts of America Proposing Multi-Program Wide Change

2011-2015 National Council Strategic Plan Logo


The volunteer-led task forces supporting the 2011-2015 National Council Strategic Plan’s Goal 411, after considerable deliberation, have recommended moving to the use of the Scout Oath and Law for all BSA programs. This change would primarily impact Cub Scouts and Venturing.

The recommendation has been reviewed and endorsed by the national support committee responsible for program content changes. It has also been discussed and endorsed by the national officers of the BSA, and Wayne Perry has directed that the recommendation be brought forward to the National Executive Board at its October 2012 meeting.

The basis for the recommendation is strategic in nature and is intended to reinforce the connection between all of our BSA programs and the mission of the Boy Scouts of America. Since it is the mission of the BSA “to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law,” it is the task forces’ judgment that this goal is best achieved if all programs use the Scout Oath and Law as their primary statement of values and ideals.

As the changes might impact Cub Scouts, consultation with cognitive and child development specialists and educational practitioners involved in Scouting supported the reasonability of the recommendation and did not identify any age-appropriate difficulties with implementation. Additionally, research among parents and Cub Scout leaders was also supportive.

The changes as they impact Cub Scouts would be implemented with the full rollout of the work of the 411 Task Force, scheduled for the 2015-2016 program year.


As also directed by the National Council Strategic Plan, a task force has been chartered to study the Venturing program, membership, marketing, training and program support structure and to make recommendations to increase relevance, stimulate growth and enhance program support. The task force is targeting final recommendations by the end of the year with potential implementation in late 2013 or early 2014.

For additional information about both of the task forces’ work, please see the attached documents. Comments and questions may be addressed to If you have comments and suggestions about Venturing, please include Venturing in the subject line.


Venturing Task Force Fact Sheet


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